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Evergreen (CP) USA Inc

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All we have is energy

Our Story

Since 1986

Evergreen is a battery manufacturer that has been offering high quality dry-cell batteries in the north, central and south American market since 1986.

Our mission is to provide our customers with green energy solutions for their portable power requirements by offering an extensive line of quality heavy duty, alkaline, button cell and rechargeable batteries. We strive to offer superior products, competitive prices and excellent service.

0% Lead Zinc Chloride batteries photo

Battery Types

We have over 250 different battery offerings 

Since 2004, we have manufactured 0% Mercury Cylindrical Battery Series with first-rank materials. While the safety standard of heavy metal for mercury is 5 pm, lead 40 ppm and cadmium 20 ppm, the relevant contents in Vinnic's Alkaline Cylindrical Battery Series measure much lower than the standard. This is a further milestone in the development of high performance, reliable and environmentally friendly batteries.


alkaline batteries

Alkaline Button Cell

Heavy Duty

Zinc Chloride heavy duty batteries

Alkaline High Voltage Button Cell

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Lithium Manganese


Silver Oxide

Super Heavy Duty

super heavy duty batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride

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